Yellow Birds is an animated comic strip adapted from Anglo Birds Finland-US 2016 directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly.
Movies talk about the fun stories or the daily life of the birds. A lot of interesting stories, the fierce confrontation of the birds with the green pigs hateful. Please read the story of Angry Birds offline:
At Chim Island, a special island where colorful birds live and can not fly together happily, careless thoughts. Except for Red – an orphaned red bird with dense and bizarre eyebrows, was born the center of all teasing. Red can always get angry, kicking or knocking against trees or trees. The capital was labeled eccentric and irritating so one day, Red decided to change people’s minds by making the clowns happy for the little Timothy bird on his birthday. However, he made things worse because Timothy himself was afraid of the clowns. Not to mention he also broke the egg of that couple and nearly ruined the egg, fortunately a baby born to him as the “father” in the boy’s eyes “airless body”, do split Cut their family feelings. The court found Red to be in Matilda’s “Control of Anger” class, along with “learners” Bomb, Terence and Chuck. Only Chuck and Bomb are good friends. One day, at a boat pier on the island, the Green Pig Brigade – led by “The Green Pig King” Leonard – set foot in the land where Red lived with a monumental ship containing many things. exciting. Claiming to be peaceful explorers, pigs are accepted by the islanders as they are the only non-bird species on the island.

Many blue pigs appear on the island and seem to have completely changed the society of the birds, but Red was the first to realize the danger of them. While Leonard was in charge of robbing eggs, Red was criticized by island residents as “making guests feel unhappy”. Even, Red was put on the pistol by pigs and shot to the sky. While the other feathered inhabitants were picking up “enemies” and relentlessly playing, furiously and imaginatively, Red, Chuck and Bomb had embarked on plans to get lost. Exposing the dark intentions of the green pigs. They decided together to find Mighty Eagle, a giant eagle guarding the island and the only bird flying. They found him on the top of the mountain, however they found out that Mighty Eagle had retired and had not been flying for years. Later, Red’s team saw pigs placing explosives around the island, while other birds were engrossed in a swine flu show. They realize this is a trick to steal their eggs. Red, Chuck and Bomb attempt to retrieve the eggs, but the pigs have escaped and their explosives destroy the village. When the birds recognize their mistake, Red calls everyone to unite and go to retrieve their eggs.

Yellow Birds Cartoon the Pie and the anger of Queen Pig

Angry Birds Cartoon the Pie and the anger of the Queen Pig The chef surrendered to the queen pig of a cake. Due to carelessness, the cake fell off. The pie rolled to the place of the Chuck Yellow bird. After the egg protection, and the cake stopped. The pig queen was able to retrieve the cake. But it was unexpectedly golden. The pig queen was very angry. the pig queen kicked the cake away. And the cake fell on the head of the pig king. And lots of exciting and intriguing happenings, funny situations happen. Take a look at the video of Yellow Bird:

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The Queen Pig is a little pig smaller than King Pig. She has sharp teeth, and her husband is King Pig and Prince Pig and Princess Pig

Queen Pig is the sixth pig in Angry Birds. In Angry Birds, she is the leader of the village. Queen Pig commands Wizard Pig and Sir Knight Pig to steal the eggs.
in Yellow bird Queen pig has shark teeth. This pig is the size of a big pig, and wears a pink bow and eye makeup. A luxury item of this character has been released. A pig appears as King Pig’s vision of cabbage. The pig has long hair and a small crown




Matilda is a character in Yellow Bird
Name: Matilda

Nickname: White Bird
gender: female
Interests: Planting flower, singing, drawing love match with other people.
The white bird appearance seems to be based on an egg shape, due to the egg it is inside of its body.
White Bird is the second largest bird

Although one of the largest of the birds, White Bird is very weak, her egg drop is quite strong but suffers from a short blast radius and tends to underestimate their effect on the structure. After the egg is dropped, the dead body then floats and explodes to the right. Additional damage can be done to the fort if the egg is reduced in such a way that it will launch the corpses into the structure.
Little is known about the history of White Bird before the events of the first Angry Birds game or how she acquired the ability or skill to drop explosive eggs.
During the battles with the Pigs, she went to many different places and environments, including deserts, underground caves and beaches. The slave pig slaves never rest in their quest to steal eggs and Flock often have to get their eggs on holidays and special occasions. In one case, the Flocks captured the entire Flock, including the White Bird. It was only for Terence’s actions, Big Brother Bird that Flock was released.
At an unspecified time later, Flock was captured as a rare bird and taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they fought alongside Blu and Jewel and their friends against the Nigel and cockatoos. Mauro and squirrel tail monkey. Bomb and White Bird did not originally appear in Rio, but came briefly after the others, so it was possible they were not captured initially and made their way to Rio to find Red Bird, Yellow Bird and The Blues, or captured next time.
In other adventures, many Flock are flung into space through a wormhole, gaining super powers and fighting the Space King and Space Pig. White Bird seems to be left behind.
In another adventure, all of Flock is cast into space through a wormhole, gaining super powers and battling the Space King and Space Pig.

Bomb Yellow bird


 Bomb is the tritagonist of the Angry Birds series of Yellow bird cartoon
Bomb is a member of the mink. After his first appearance in Poached Eggs, he has appeared in many parts of the series as a prominent character.

Bomb is a person to do. While others are bound to theories and rules, he gets jobs there. Sociable and interesting, he loves being the center of attention and entertaining people with their protests.

Despite appearing scary, like the bomb (hence his name), the Bomb is indeed a very gentle and kind-hearted bird. He is very sincere and sincere in his actions, and is willing to cause conflict or danger to help other birds in his flock.

However, like the rest of the birds, Bomb has a temperament that can be activated. He may be angry, and go into an uncontrollable rage when others take him away.

Bom is also very sensitive, and the reaction is explosive (literally) when his feelings are heavy, or when he is physically treated. There are many things that can cause him to go away, such as unexpected birthday parties. This was part of the Bomb which he himself did not appreciate, although he eventually learned to control it in part.

Bomb loves and devotes himself to other members of the flock, who take care of his unpredictable behavior. (Especially Matilda, who is most involved in helping the Bomb with healing, tea, or whatever to control his mood.) He is also a very avid warrior, and loves Love is a destructive part of the battle

Chuck Angry bird


Chuck is an important figure in the Yellow Bird series.

Chuck is a spirit of freedom and likes to work without rules or habits. He desires to be challenging and interested and wants to focus on the bigger picture. You may be a little impulsive – while people are still talking, you like to go out and act.

Chuck is a filial bird, hyperactive. He constantly uses energy, and it seems he always needs to do something. He can never stop moving, both in the mind and in the body. He tends to lack information and does not know much, and this is often the case in dire circumstances.

Chuck also manages to get very distracted and sometimes unable to concentrate on tasks assigned to him for things that catch his mind, like a wandering butterfly or even a mirror. His vulnerability was to allow the pig to approach the egg when he looked after.

Despite all this, Chuck also invested in protecting eggs like other birds. He is extremely loyal and treasures the other members of his herd, although he can easily be threatened when other birds pass him over in something.

Chuck has the ability to speed up as the player touches the screen. This makes Chuck a much more versatile character, as he can change the direction in case the player shoots a bit, or reaches more distant destinations. In this way, he is often used to access the Golden Eggs that sometimes hide outside the screen.

Chuck also destroys wood efficiently, and is known as the “wood-breaker”, much like The Blues are “broken glass” and how the Bomb is “rock breaker”. He works well in destroying wood, breaking his fragments for a while, but sometimes he can become very weak and ineffective, which is often not expected for the player. Bubbles can also sometimes be a better offender than Chuck.

Chuck could not get through the glass very well, smashed a piece of it and then stopped on the way. This is a bit strange, because glass is weaker than wood in the game. However, it is known that Chuck is designed to be effective in destroying wood, so this may explain why.